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New Dahon Folding Bike
I tried to go to a Chicagoland Folding Bicycle Society meeting last night but it was cancelled. I've been shopping for a folding bike for a week or two and wanted to ask people abour their sweet rides in person. Instead of doing any more searching or shopping, I just went over to Rapid Tranist Cycleshop, told them I was looking to spend between 3 and $400, found out they don't really have a pricepoint there (they have lower and higher), and walked out with a $470 Dahon Speed P8 and a $70 bag to put it in. The bike folds down into a pretty compact package and then goes into the bag. The bag then has straps to make it a backpack. I rode home on my everyday bike with it on my back. It's only 25 pounds. One of the most important reasons I decided to buy a folding bike is that our Metra commuter train system doesn't allow bikes, but it does allow luggage or bags. Especially if I put my helmet in the bag, the bike simply isn't a bike when getting on the train. Strange, but true.

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Susan wrote: "Why does it fold?"

The bike folds for many reasons, but the most important one for me is so that it can go on the Metra (as long as it's in the bag that I bought with it). Here in Chicago and suburbs our busses have bike-racks on the front so a regular bike is fine. Our el system allows bikes but not from 7-9am and 4-6pm so there's another good place for a folding bike. The Metra is our commuter rail and never allows bikes. :-( When will they learn?