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12. The Principle of the Accumulation of Actions
Sharon, John, Gerry and I looked at The Principle of the Accumulation of Actions tonight:
"Contradictory or unitive acts accumulate within you. If you repeat your acts of internal unity, then nothing can stop you."
Very interesting theory discussion about how we become deadened to the contradictions when we continue to repeat them; also about how tensions begin to feel like being "alive" and thus when we relax, at first it feels like death.

We also shared some personal examples of feeling a tension in the chest when doing non-work-related stuff at work when it's just procrastinating (not the same as guilt) vs doing something that actually builds the future, even if not strictly work-related (can still be unitive as long as there's no guilt). Other examples were around inner process to decide if changing jobs for more security but giving up freedoms really makes sense.

How does this one strike you?