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housing co-op update
Just mentioned the co-op in a post about selling my condo and realize I haven't given an update in quite some time. The deal is this: We have a contract on 2356 S. Marshall Blvd (notice how there's no street in front of the building - all that greenspace is the boulevard itself, maintained by the city, sort of it's own little park) and the inspection contingency period ends tomorrow. After that the lawyers may have some more back and forth, but we need to put all resources into getting a mortgage. The building currently is a 7- unit rental property, but we plan to convert it to 5 co-op units, two 3 bd rms, one 2 bdrm, one 4 bdrm duplex and one 3 bdrm duplex. Plan is to close in December and move in sometime in the spring.