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Introducing Bryneen K. Gary-Roberson, Chicago Poet
I met a wonderful young poet the other night by the name of Byneen K Gary-Roberson. She has 3 poems published at Poetry.com but I can't figure out how to link directly to them. Maybe someone can help me with that? Either way, you can search for her by name. I hope she sees this here and leaves us a way to contact her.
Only the Strong Survive

Only the strong survive. Jesus will be here sooner or later alive.
One day when I drive, I will ride by.
Even sometimes when I cry, I try not to wanna die.
I try to get along, stay strong, even where I belong.
I love to sing that same ''ol'' song.
Sometimes I wish, I had a dime, I''m blessed with this mind.
I actually take time.
Though my patience is racing, no macing, never tracing,
Even waking up facing. I don''t feel any guilt.
I like to wear silk and I love drinking milk.
I hate to see someone killed
But I see it''s nice to have a meal.
My innocence is related to sega genesis.
Some kids are menaces, yes I like competitions.
Everybody makes mistakes. Some need time to innovate.
Even when it''s written on a tape, find a way to contemplete.
I was in the state, not with my own mate.
I had a family, it seems like they have abandon me.
Even if they can stand me, I need a plan for thee.
Even though I can take it, I''m gonna make it!

Bryneen K. Gary-Roberson