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Walkabouts in Chicago
So this past weekend was the Giving Conference in Chicago and met a ton of really wonderful people, all doing and being wonderful for the world. Jonh wrote about his post-conference afternoon and I thought I'd share mine as well. The conference officially ended at noon but Jonh and I ended up at lunch with 8 people before Jon and Susan headed off on their walkabout. The other 6 of us reconvened across the street at a coffee shop for more really important work that needs to be written about if the ideas get that far. Then we walked Phil to the train to the airport and reconvened by Buckingham Fountain, a jewel of Chicago, in the grass in the shade for another couple of hours of big and small ideas, primarily about a community commons and how the structure of the Humanist Movement might provide a guide of sorts.

This is the conference that just won't end! By now it's around 6pm and another of our group had to head out. The other 4 of us went back to the hotel where 2 would work together on a project and Julie and I ended up walking back to the lake to share more about our individual experiences that the scientists say we couldn't possibly have, among other topics.

Eventually we joined back up with Charles and Laurie to get some dinner. We couldn't find anyplace open so jumped is a cab in Printers Row, asked him to take us to someplace open and ended up in River East. After dinner and more ideas big and small, we walked Charles to the train at Clark/Lake and then there were 3. This is where the Picasso comes into the story.

I still have a lot to think about in terms of what is a commons and how do we continue to build our futures within our networks while connecting among all our networks. Exciting work ahead!

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Welcome to the blogosphere. Added you to the blogroll at gifthub and look forward to trading riffs.
Thanks for the follow-up, Ted! Now I'm really sorry I couldn't stay for the whole weekend! Welcome to the conversation.. Phil will wind up being grandfather to thousands of blogs if he's not careful!

Best, Lenore