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Ted visited by FBI
Yes, that's right. The FBI came a-calling this evening. They asked for me. They asked if I remembered the anthrax investigation from 2001. I asked, "In Washington?" They answered affirmatively. They then produced a photo copy of an envelope with my return address sticker in the corner and addressed to George W. Bush, Murder-in-Chief etc, etc in my handwriting. They didn't mention what the address or letter said but then asked me a series of innane questions about pre-franked envelopes (the kind where the stamp is pre-printed, which this was). They asked me where I bought it and if it came in a package and of how many and if I buy that type of envelope often. I didn't remember even buying that one, let alone any like it before or since. They asked if I had any from that batch left in my house. I said I couldn't ever even remember seeing one like that so I highly doubted it. That was it. No pressure. No intimidation. They seemed rather incompetent to me, actually.