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tip jar for shovels, wheelbarrows and the like
This is a test of the dropcash method of providing a tip jar where anyone can give any amount they like and we call can see the progress toward the fundraising goal. In this case, the goal is $US250. If you'd prefer to write me a check, then paypal won't get their cut. I'd also really like to hear your feedback about this whole concept of fundraising this way. Does it make you more curious about what I'm doing in Africa? Does it make you less likely to read my blog because I'm hitting you up for cash?
In the Budaburam (Ghana) Refugee Camp for Liberians, many people have started working together as volunteers in a Humanist Movement campaign for Non-violence and Fight Against Malaria. Part of the campaign is to clean up the environment so as to eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitos. They've got plenty of volunteers, but need shovels, rakes, gloves, wheelbarrow and other similar equipment to do this clean-up work. Thanks much!

Amount collected:$155.00
Campaign goal:$250.00
You can make a contribution to this campaign via PayPal. Your donation will go to Ted Ernst (paypal@chicagohumanist.org).