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9. The Principle of Liberty 2
Gerry, John and I looked at The Principle of Liberty again tonight:
"When you harm others you remain enchained, but if you do not harm anyone, you can freely do whatever you want."
Without remembering our previous conversation on the issue, my not voting came up again. Didn't hurt anyone, I don't feel guilty. Same with Critical Mass (all three of us were there last Friday): public space, people on bikes, no harm done, therefore freedom.

We ended up talking about how all the focus on elections can distract from working on our own inner violence, anger, fear and the like, and how that impacts our relationships and meaning in life, and ultimately how it impacts the evolution of the human being. There seems to be a growing consensus that now is a unique time in human history. My view is that we cannot allow ourselves to become distracted from working on our top priorities. Sure, I get distracted all the time, but I'm also making strides.

What about you?