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Social Dynamics of the Web follow-up
This is a follow-up to my post about social dynamics on the web with what I've learned.

As suggested by the Happy Tutor, I went to technorati and searched for my blog and found a link to my post from him.

I then went to HaloScan which hosts my comments and turned on trackback, as suggested by Gerry by email. Turns out, trackback keeps track of people linking to my posts. Not sure if it will be retroactive and find the Happy Tutor's post that points to my original post. We'll see.

Gerry also suggests that "Mailing lists have their place too. Well maintained and managed lists
don't have spam either."

I've also been meaning to check out del.icio.us for a while after a post by Marnie. I've established an account and plan to use it to categorize posts here. I'm going to experiment with adding category lists to my sidebar. I've started with "family" for my posts about Skylar and Maxwell and will add more categories as I go.

I'm also putting this post in the categories: blogging and internet.