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PSI (Population Services International)
This NGO PSI (Population Services International) has been supplying wholesale (or nearly so) mosquito nets to the Humanist Movement in Cameroon. I need to find out more. They do seem to work in Zambia and Congo, but not Liberia or Ghana. From their website :
To some, PSI is an enigma. It claims to be "social" in nature, but employs a private sector patois to describe itself, filled with phrases from the world of business and advertising like "bottom line," "focus groups" and "entrepreneurship." It calls itself nonprofit and says that it serves the poor, but charges a price for all of its products and services. It has the word "population" in its name but also works in health areas that clearly have little to do with population. Is this the result of an identity crisis, lack of strategic planning or something else?
categories: Humanist Movement partners