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Greyhound bus trip
It's taken me a week after the trip to post this becasue I got pretty sick on the return and just haven't been up to posting. I left Chicago on the 8:15pm to Indianapolis on the 18th. We got in there after midnight sometime, in some time zone. I was suprised by the size of both Chicago and Indy stations. Both seemed huge to me. Bus was cram-packed, but on-time. One stop between Chicago and Indy. Seats are small, but not that uncomfortable. Certainly loads better than in Africa. Maybe that isn't a good sign if that's what I'm comparing it to, but hey. Really unhappy crying baby next to me much of the trip (with her mom, sometimes was across aisle with her dad). Didn't bother me a bit, interestingly.

I had less than an hour to wait for the next bus, from Indy to Columbus. Wasn't totally full, but nearly so. Seems that bus was from St. Louis to New York City. Before we left there was a fist-fight between a mother (protecting her children, it seemed) and a rather unreasonable man. The people on the bus gave him a hard time about taking his medication or going back to the mental hospital. He didn't ride the bus with us to Columbus. Man in window seat with me didn't want to move feet from under the seat in front of me. I was feeling agreeable so while my hackles raised a couple of times, I mostly just felt he must've needed the rest. Got to Columbus on time, around 4am. Unpacked by folding and off I went, without a map. I had looked at the map on Thursday so had a general sense of where I was going, was very glad that my friends lived north of the station so my orientation in space was the same as on the paper. Never would've made it otherwise.

The trip back started with an 11:30pm departure from Columbus, stopping in Dayton to let people off. Mostly full bus again. Then about an hour to change in Indy. Bought a soup in a cup and a hot tea for a total of $2.10 including tax. Good stuff. Bus to Chicago was mostly empty. The driver didn't welcome us or turn on the lights or anything, just let the people sleep. Non-stop this time. Amazing to me that all 4 of my busses arrived on time or a bit early. Does that happen in the daytime as well or is this an overnight phenomenon?

Anyway, overall, I was happy with the experience. I'd prefer , but the bus is good too. Not as good as a , but good.