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today is packing day
went to bed at midnight but up at 7 this morning - this is news because I have always been a late riser (right Mom & Dad?) - in fact, I've been cultivating my late-risingness for quite a while now - anyway, there's plenty fo packing to be done today and no reason not to get an early start, so no fighting to stay in bed this morning

not yet sure how we're going to organize moving two unrelated people out of one apartment, into one truck and then into two apartments - think I made a mistake by starting to stack my boxes near the front of the apartment a week or so ago when I started packing - John has followed my lead and we have two distinct piles of boxes, but very close together - and the rest of the place is gettting hard to navigate - so first order of business this morning is moving my pile back to a space that isn't in the way of through traffic

we're thinking of splitting the truck side to side so that stuff from both of us can be loaded at the same time but still kept organized - organizing this place first will make that a lot easier then so we can just broadbrush for our helpers (this huge pile over here is Ted's, that one is John's) and it will still make sense as the piles get smaller - we'll see