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update on co-op and moving and Africa and such
Last week was a lot of hard labor at the Hub Housing Co-op, pulling up tile and plywood covering the original (over 100 years old) maple floors in John's unit and mine. Then there was a lot of stress Monday over getting appliances ordered and getting a contract signed and initial payment made so our guy could sand and re-finish the floors in those two units (he estimated 5 day job so needed to start Tuesday) before John and I move on Sunday.

Speaking of that, who wants to help? Any time you want to come is good. Refreshments will be provided. We start at 2149 W. Ohio and finish at 2358 S. Marshall. Come over later even if we're finished. Call if you think we might be in transit or want to confirm where we are. 312 371 6625.

So once everything got worked out Monday, I started to feel more calm. Still felt stressed about moving and getting packed for Africa and getting this condo sale finalized and all that jazz. So I decided to take the evening off from everything and just spent it with Regula at her place. The floor guy did get started.

Today I have felt even more calm. Part of that is it being slower at work and part of it is that people are helping out when I've asked and even when I haven't. I don't need to be in charge of everything. So I didn't even go to the co-op today either. I came home after work and did some more packing of the house and some more packing for Africa. I feel that both tasks are now quite managable in the time I have.

So tomorrow night maybe I'll go see how the floors look sanded. And I'll pack some more. And spend some time planning what I need in terms of materials for Ghana. And that's it. Friday is the next co-op meeting so I'll see the floors again. Saturday is all-day packing, as long as it takes. Sunday is the move. Monday is carpet cleaning in the new place. Wednesday is cleaning of the old place. Thursday I leave for Africa.

It's all good. :-)