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compost update
Until this week I'd never taken anything out of the bin (about 22 months since I started putting stuff in), but now that we have a bit of yard (mostly concrete, but do have a tree with dirt around it and some space between the building and the street and has really poor soil) and the bin was mostly full, I decided to sort through it and bury some of the stuff that was close to finished.

Then the next day a neighbor and I dragged an old dresser in from the alley, took the drawers out, hammered out the seperations between the drawers, and put it on it's back to be used as another compost bin. Then we went through the original bin by hand and took out what seemed to be finished compost and put it in the drawers to plant veggies in. The stuff that needed more time went into the dresser. We then covered the pile inside the dresser with a piece of old carpet to keep it warm and keep out the rain. The plastic bin we left about 10% filled and that's where new material will go from all the households.