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The Great Mantle Caper
My timeline:

Sun 17 May 05: With help of friends, moved from 2149 W. Ohio to 2358 S. Marshall. Place left dirty and nearly empty.
Wed 20 May 05: Cleaned out Ohio St place, including remaining personal items and remaining dirt and trash. Locked place with keys inside around 6pm.
Thu 21 May 05: Flew from Chicago on 5pm flight to Amsterdam, on to Accra, Ghana next day.
Fri 22 May 05: Email from my attorney telling of problems at the closing of the Ohio St place sale.
Tues 26 May 05: Email from my attorney saying buyer claiming mantle stolen while place legally still in my possession.
Wed 4 May 05: I advised my insurance company that mantle was reported stolen and that I have no further information. Later same day, I spoke with Ohio St neighbor that says she saw empty space where mantle had previously resided. I notice that the back door that the buyer insisted was unsafe and needed to be replaced (I gave her money at closing to do so) still has not been replaced, over a week later.

So, this is how it seems things happened in chronological order:
Sun, I moved out.
Wed, I cleaned the place out.
Thur, they buyer had a pre-closing walk-through and mantle was present.
Fri, closing happened. Later same day buyer found mantle missing and called police. They came and said "Happens all the time, they knew exactly what they wanted. Could go for a couple of thousand dollars."