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Fasting for Darfur done
My 24 hour Fast for Darfuris now done. Skipping breakfast wasn't so unusual so I found myself half-way done by the time it really hit me that I wasn't going to eat today. I drank a lot of water at work. Part of me wanted to go out and sit in the plaza during lunchtime but I just stayed at my desk and worked. And drank more water. By the time work was done I was feeling hunger in the belly. I often have an afternoon snack and I felt the lack today. This evening I met with a friend which kept my mind off my body, then spent a couple of frustrating hours installing a window air conditioner. Amazing how mundane and comfortable my life is, given that I'm choosing to fast to stop people from being massacred. Something tells me my distractability means that a 2 or 3 day fast might help me get past my usual self and into something else. But I hadn't planned on tomorrow so I'll get back to normal and then re-group.

Please take an action today to end the Darfur crisis or improve your own neighborhood, wherever you are.