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8. The Principle of Wise Action 2
At tonight's weekly meeting (at my house every Thursday, everyone invited), Steve and Gerry and I looked at one of the Principles of Valid Action:
"You will make your conflicts disappear when you understand them in their ultimate root, not when you want to resolve them."
We had also discussed this one before, but every repetition can go deeper, plus the people were different.

One central question tonight was "How do I know when I comprehend?" It seems that this cannot necessarily be immediately known before pushing towards a solution without comprehension, but that progress can be made bit by bit, thus encouraging further progress (if I'm habitually passive agressive right off the bat, it's progress if I delay that passive agressive response for a while, even if I don't know how to replace it with anything yet and it comes out anyway).

This lead to another question: "How can I actually gain comprehension?" Some answers came out, such as: time, brainstorming ways of behaving, trial & error and practice.

What comes up for you with all of this?