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Ghana internet and such
Landed in Ghana about 8pm last night and was met by my friend Sampson at the
airport. They now have a paystation system for parking where you pay on a
ticket system based on the time you'd been there. They even had a gate that
went up when you put the card in. Amazing, no?

It's about 45 minutes to an hour from there to my hotel (New Timer Inn),
which is about 15 minutes from the refugee camp. I got checked in to my
air-conditioned room (200,000 cedis per night, about US$22), unpacked and was
asleep almost immediately.

This morning I met with Alvin and Prince, two members of my team. Later
Sampson came with 6 of his members and Nathane from Chris's team. Chris left
last week for Liberia, on his way to the US on a diversity visa.

Now it's the middle of the afternoon and I'm checking out an internet cafe
near the hotel (in Kasoa). It has internet explorer 5.0 so I cannot access
my gmail account. I also can't seem to get logged in to yahoo messenger. I
downloaded firefox but can't get it to work. Maybe a firewall? I'll have to
see if there's another cafe in town.

Tomorrow I go to the camp.

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