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What I've learned about trackback
I've been trying to figure out how conversations could take place on multiple blogs. It seems that if I post something, someone else can respond on their own blog and then send me a trackback ping, basically telling my blog that the response (or reference of any kind) is there so I (and you) can find it.

I've been told that some blogging software sends trackback pings automatically, but haven't seen that happen yet. I've also found that I can do it manually using haloscan. I messed it up the first time by sending myself a ping for my own site. Very confusing. Then I got it right by sending a ping from the tutor to my site. Then, just to see what would happen, I reversed the process and sent a ping to the tutor from my post the referenced him. That seemed to work too. In both cases, the URL of the follow-up post goes at the top of the form and the trackback URL of the original post goes below. If one post refers to many, up to 5 posts can go in the bottom of the form.
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