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10. The Principle of Solidarity
Tonight Gerry and I spent a lot of time on all sorts of issues that I can't remember. Then John came home and we talked about a bunch of other stuff. I think my jet lag is still getting me down because I'm really sleepy and couldn't focus well. Eventually we decided to simply pick a principle for next week's meeting so I could publicize the meeting with a topic. We chose the Principle of Solidarity:
"When you treat others as you would have them treat you, you liberate yourself."
We talked a bit about what this might mean. It doesn't say to treat the other how they want to be treated, though it's possible it could be read that way anyway. In any event, will you join us at my place next Thursday at 7 to share personal experiences about this principle? Or share experiences in the comments?

Categories: Principles of Valid Action Humanist Movement