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Chris Flomo funding request (draft)
Once I get all of the current round of fundraising requests organized, I need to decide goals for each one (how much I'm willing to ask for each one). This one is higher than the funding I've raised so far, but they do have a large number of people involved. This will of course need to be balanced with what the other teams need.
Dear Ted,

peace, force and joy we do greet you and chicago humanist. we the members of chris team continue towork effectively on camp recruiting people into the movement. we are also undergoing a sanitation project,educating every residents of camp buduburam.ted, the camp is presently occupied with approximately 45 thousand liberians refugees and other nationales.about 95% of the said number are not yet being inform of sanitation education in the camp.owing to this predicament comfronting them(better health), inorder to meet better healththere is a ned and cost of living on camp. at this time we deem it necessary to implement the sanitation project which will eventually give rise to better and healthy community. sanitation educationinto the community that will help to minize the said if not eradicated. with the help of this project which aims of providing better health in camp buduburam, aleast of the 95%, 80% will be provided sanitation knowledge.we have alread y begun the project by ourselves volunteerly by sprying drainages, bathrooms toilets etc. we are also educating people about the humanist movement how to surpass those endeavour. for more encouragement and evidence to yuo and the chicago humanist, here are some of our works photo graphs:

Therefore, we plead to the humanist branch of chicago to please compensate our team with the following materials inorder to speed up our works. materials they as follows:

sprying cans .............4 @600,000 =2,400,000

wheel barrows...........5 @600,000= 3,000,000

shovels................10 @ 40,000 =400,000

rakes..................10 @ 40,000 = 400,000

gloves...............20pairs @20,000=400,000

masks ...........20 pairs @20,000 =400,000

rain boots.......12pairs @55,000= 660,000

TOTAL: 7,660,000 cedis

convertion in us dollars: 859.00

categories: Ghana Africa Humanist Movement fundraising