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More from Ghana trip (unfinished draft)
There are seven people in the camp working with me directly. Each of them has a team. I will go through them one by one to tell what I know about each team as well as what I saw during the November 2004 trip to Ghana.

Sampson Nugba

Sampson’s team was the one to send me the photo of the clean-up campaign that led to the Tip Jar for Shovels & Wheelbarrows. I sent them US$250 and they bought various tools (see budget). I visited this team’s Saturday action where they had about 25 people cleaning up a certain area of the camp. See photos. One point that really struck me was the fact that there were many more tools in evidence than what was purchased with the $250. We bought one wheelbarrow, for example, and 3 were in use. Same with rakes, shovels and cutlasses. This tells me that not only did they begin the project without financial help from the outside, they are continuing to maximize resources brought to bear on any particular day. Sampson’s council has at least 7 teams and at total of at least 130 people.

Chris Flomo

Chris’s team is now acting without him present as he has left for Liberia to put documents in order so that he may exercise his option to move to the US as he has won the annual Diversity Visa Lottery. This team gave me photos of them doing clean-up campaigns in the past as well as a requested budget for fundraising (see budget). Boimah Sombai is one of Chris’s team members and he himself orients a council with at least 6 teams and some 100+ members. Chris’s council has a total of 11 teams with over 160 members. Boimah submitted this proposal.

Prince Eric Yengbe

Since I’ve known him, Prince has had a lot of health trouble and thus has not been very active. He did not have any active projects for me to visit during this trip. He did register more than 100 members in at least 13 groups while I was there, however. These teams would like to carry about a campaign to clean up a certain area of drainage in their zone.

Beatrice Browne

Oretha Johnson

Oretha has been working more or less alone with a group of children in her area. She tutors them and has organized them into a choir that is much-sought-after to perform for special events. They have also won performance awards. She seeks to mobilize more members to expand these activities. She registered 12 members while I was there.

Benjamin Witherspoon

Benjamin is the Zonal Head for Zone 10 in the camp. He is very highly respected in the community and finds himself involved in all aspects of camp life. His influence was instrumental in Sampson’s team’s ability to secure tools to begin their campaign even before any fundraising. He has at least 41 members in at least 4 groups.

Alvin Zweh

Alvin has 13 members currently registered.

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