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Blatant fund raising appeal email and follow-ups
I sent out this email to most everyone I know:
Usually I write incredibly interesting stories about my favorite subject (me), but this time the story is only to explain why I'm asking for money. And I'm only going to give the short version. For the long version, please follow the links below, especially the dropcash one.

I've been working with volunteers in a refugee camp in Ghana. They've been doing some volunteer projects of various kinds and need help to buy more shovels and wheelbarrows and other kinds of tools to make their projects even stronger. (see the links for more info)

I have new friend that decided twice last week to make coffee at home and throw the $2 she would've otherwise spent at the coffee shop into the tip jar. This can also be done by making lunch from home instead of eating out. Of course larger donations are also welcome, but every bit counts and no amount is too small.

By the way, the progress meter on the site now shows we've raised $470 of our $1000 goal, but I've also received some donations that didn't register (or were by personal check instead of online), so the total is actually $586 today.

Thanks so much!


To donate for shovels & wheelbarrows for Liberian refugees' campaign for non-violence & fight against malaria and agriculture projects, please visit: http://budaburam.blogspot.com

Humanize the Earth! http://tedernst.com http://chicagohumanist.org
though it took some time because my email program wouldn't let me send too many at a time and then stopped sending altogether in the middle so I had to take a break until the next day. Anyway, here's one of the responses I received:
So, when you get the $1000, what happens next?
and then my answer back:
I'll send it by Western Union to the orientors of the three teams (an orientor is a volunteer organizer that formed a team - in this case these three orientors are all in my team). They've all given me budgets and they'll spend the money on the tools needed for their particular team. They'll give me receipts when I get there next time (not sure when yet, but I've been averaging 2-4 trips per year for the last 5 years or so). My goal for this $1000 is to help these teams expand their actions (neighborhood cleanup and community gardening) so that they can involve more people in taking responsibility for their own lives.

Since Sept of 2003 we've been working there on a campaign for Non-violence and Fight Against Malaria. What I hoped for that campaign in the beginnign was that we'd be able to find a way to subsize purchase of mosquito nets for a large number of people. Now that we have more than 1000 people, that'll be the next step, fundraising and finding a supplier so we can at least cover all of the pregnant women and the children under five.
More questions?