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More Shovels & Wheelbarrows tip jar
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My first dropcash campaign of $250 was sucessful [1] [2].

There are now seven people working directly with me as humanist volunteers in the Budaburam Liberian Refugee Camp in Ghana [3]. Those seven have teams of their own and some of those people have teams of their own, adding up to more than 1000 people.

This new campaign is to support three teams with their ongoing volunteer projects. One of the three is the same team as from the first campaign (Sampson Nugba). The second is working on an agriculture project (Beatrice Brown). The third is also working on the neighborhood cleanup as part of the campaign to stop Malaria (Chris Flomo).

Update Jan 4 - I forgot to mention that the goal is $1000. $235 has come in already (some in non-tip jar methods so are not reflected in the progress meter on the right).

Update Jan 5 - Thanks to Michael, Reid, Pam, Tim, Terry, Carla, Judy, Sue, Steve, & Luke we have $530!! so far.

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