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decision-making models follow-up
Monday night I wrote about the new Hub Housing Cooperative and our decision-making model deliberation. Two people responded to that post:

By email (excerpt):
Our management of concensus always allowed each person time to discuss their views on a matter. It was stressed that if a person or persons disagreed with something they must have the opportunity to express their views. Nevertheless my experience was that even if a person stood firm in disagreement they never invoked the right to stop the action.
In a comment (excerpt):
I've found in my experience that there will be times in the life of any group of more than two people when absolute agreement among all the members is just not possible. I think you need to have a process built in by which members can agree to disagree and still be able to come to a group decision.
Tonight we met again. We handled other issues first and then the remaining bylaws that were not in dispute. We had time remaining so decided to give Article V another try. After a few back and forth comments, especially asking the one hold-out what concerns remained (an example was: we're all bike fanatics and we want to buy some expensive piece of equipment but we have one new member that's not a cyclist and that person doesn't want to spend the money so they block us from doing what we want), we asked for proposed solutions to this person's concerns.

This person suggested and we adopted adding a sunset provision to the paragraph about the consensus model so that on April 30, 2006, this paragraph expires and we are forced to adopt a decision-making model fresh before our corporate renewal papers are due at the end of May. Everyone is happy and we have bylaws! Amazing!

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