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trackback, comments and invisible blogs
I've known Payton for a few years now, but until today, have never visited his west north blog. His emails have a signature that says "Payton Chung opines for himself + www.westnorth.com" but even though I find him facinating in person, it never occured to me to figure out what that signature meant until today.

The first thing I noticed is that I couldn't let him know I'd visited because he doesn't have comments enabled. He does have trackback so I hunted around for a post to cite. Here's one about a "Green Hummer" that notes in passing, "[btw, just checked the site traffic reports and West North has passed 100,000 page requests since the launch in December. I have no idea who all these people are, but thanks for reading!]" Well, Payton, I'm one of them. Still trying to figure out how this blogging world works. I'll send a trackback ping now. :-)

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