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Cool Bike Organizations
Working Bikes Cooperative collects (from donations or buying them at the scrapyard) discarded or unwanted bikes and fixes them up. They sell the ones that are most in demand here in and use the money to ship the ones most in demand in or there. Last year they shipped some 4000 bikes. Awesome. In 2004 they opened a storefront for sales and repairs (was just a warehouse before that).

From the delicious co-op tag feed, I just found Plan B: the Community Bike Project. They have a professional-quality workshop space that's available for and hold classes for free where people teach each other about . Good stuff.

Added 4/1/05: Ride Manchester :
We want to improve the lives of Mancunians using the bicycle as the tool. We hope to provide free bikes to marginalised groups in the future, if we get enough funding. For now, we provide cheap bikes to the people of Manchester, and give them the skills to maintain them.