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email I just sent
This week I received an email from someone wanting info about Ghana and the Budaburam camp. This is the email I sent back to him about Ghana and visas and such.
I've been to Ghana 7 times or so. I got a 3 year visa, I think, so it'll be up this fall and I'll have to get another one. I had to send my passport to DC to get the visa. I think I sent it directly to the embassy but you can also spent a bit more money and sent it to an agency C3visas I think is the name of one I used to get my Liberian visa. It's about $100 or something.

There are a few airlines that fly there, KLM through AMS, British through London and maybe some others. I use a travel agent in California that does pretty well for tickets. $1300 or so this upcomign trip, I think. Other times of year I've gone for $900 or so.

There are a few guest houses close to the camp. I pay about $20/night at the New Timer Inn in Kasoa. I have my friends in the camp hire a taxi to come get me at the airport which costs about $15 or so. It's much cheaper taking public transportation going back to the airport but it's too much of a pain late at night when getting in after so many hours traveling.

There are also nicer lodgings in Accra, still not too far from the camp (less than an hour) if you're in the mood to spend more money.

Yes, the internet isn't bad there. In the camp there are a couple of cafes that are full all the time. Kasoa has a 24hrs place (the camp places might also be 24hrs). There are also fancier and more expensive places in Accra, Busy Internet is one. They even have wifi.

In terms of technology and how you might help, indulge me in just telling a bit about where we are now? Maybe you'll see a way to help. I recently bought a couple of cheap (~$100) laptops and have been working on getting them working. My plan is to not have them connect to the internet, but just have whatever software we need on them and let them email attachments from floppies to us to tranfer information. We use this program to track our members: http://www.neuer-humanismus.de/FichasPlus/ Unfortuately, there is no linux version so I'm sticking with windows on these laptops.

Not sure what I can ask you to do to help. Any more thoughts?

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