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Bloglines down
I use .com to read my favorite blogs. It uses what's called RSS to let me know when there is a new post (or 10) on any of the blogs I subscribe to and when I click on that feed, it shows me only the new posts from that blog. Makes it really easy to keep up.

Except when it's . Bloglines asked me to log in this morning which is very unusual. Normally it just remembers me since I'm always using the same computer. So I put bloglines in google and found this german language blog that lead me to the bloglines technorati tag which lead me to this:
For the last hour or so, Bloglines has been down: access to my RSS feeds is impossible. No word about that problem on the Bloglines blog but when I tried to setup a new account, I got a 'There is a problem with the database. Please try again later' error message, eventhough the search engine is working fine. Note to self: export Bloglines subscriptions into another RSS reader. -- miss-information.net
Great, it's not just me. Guess I really should get packing. :-)

Update 11:51a Seems bloglines is back. Right, back to packing!
Update 5:02p Seems to be back down. And again, back to packing. :-)
Update, still giving me problems but more or less back up again.