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July 1st, 10am march for Immigrants' Human Rights
This just in from my friend Manuel:
The community organization called Sin Fronteras (No Frontiers"), activists, radio and tv persons, and some other people are calling for a March against the Anti Inmigrant group called Minuteman, and also we all are trying to fight for the Inmigrants Human Rights, like having the right to have medical care, be able to get drivers license, work legaly, between others.

This will be the next friday july 1 at 10 am . We will be meeting at Ashsland & 31st st. in Chicago. We will march peacefuly untill we get to 43 st. there we will meet some local community leaders and also some local politicians. We will probably write and sign a document, trying to stop this racist peolple from violating our Human Rights.

If you want to do some serching of these racist group, you can search on google, type minuteman, then look on the right hand side were it says: Sponsored Links racist group
(It actually says "Minuteman Border Patrol" but don't want to give them googlejuice)

edit: Does anyone else see a huge big white space after this post, and the next post doesn't start until the end of the sidebar? I've seen that before with certain formatting of photos, but usually I can get it to go away. This time is a complete mystery to me. Any suggestions?