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Organize to rid PACE of TVs
I ride PACE suburban bus service about one round trip per week up in Wilmette, either the 421 or the 422. This spring (it's still spring, remember?) some of the busses had TVs installed. They alternate between silently showing headlines, stock quotes and current weather and loudly blasting advertising with sound included. Aparently PACE started doing this in early 2004 and are slowly phasing this in. I haven't found anyone fighting this. If you have ideas about how to start a campaign, drop me a comment or trackback. Thanks.

Update: After I wrote this, I posted an item at the Chicago El blog. Quite a few commenters over there are agreeing. No one has volunteered any info about a PACE blog. From the number of commenters, there would seem to be an audience for such a thing. Maybe that would be the way to start.