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Food Co-op
From Gapers Block:
If you ever shopped at your very own grocery Co-op, well, you probably didn't do it here. If you think that Chicago totally needs one (maybe in the Logan Square/Humboldt Park/Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village area) you can get in on the ground floor. A group of interested folks is circulating an email, asking for input from you. If you want some co-op of your own, write deliciae{at}yahoo{dot}com by January 31. There'll be a meeting come mid-February
I received that email they're circulating from one list or another and forwarded it on to the Hub Housing Cooperative email list (we should be closing on our building before the next ice age) and Sarah wrote back:
Actually, there already is a food co-op in Logan Square. Soylent Green. It's not very big, it's really a buying club, there's no storefront. But you can order anything that you can get other people to split with you, if it's a bulk item. I order regularly and love it. There was some talk, from Todd Gee, a while ago, about starting up a storefront, but it didn't happen. I didn't read all of the message, but this new person could potentially either take Soylent Green to the next level of having a storefront, or steal all the members and kill it.
There you have it.