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Chicago Social Forum - Call for proposals
Another Chicago is Possible!
Call for Proposals for Chicago Social Forum
April 30th-May 1st 2005 Location TBA

The 2005 aims to be even bigger than the first, and to that end, we need your help. The first Chicago Social Forum held in January 2004 drew more than 500 hundred participants who came together to share ideas, network for effective action, and participate in open workshops on a multitude of topics including affordable housing, NAFTA, police brutality, gentrification, the Illinois Death Penalty, and globalization. Now is the time to work even more vigorously toward positive change through dialogue and collective action.

The Chicago Social Forum (CSF) brings together organizers, community leaders, activists and artists from all across the City who believe in progressive change and social justice and are working to make it happen. It is an open meeting space that brings together people from a wide variety of struggles and interests to discuss the social, economic, political and environmental issues that affect our local and global communities.

Participating organizations and individuals may sponsor or conduct:
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Solidarity meetings
  • Cultural or artistic performances and exhibitions
We will acknowledge receipt of your request by March 23, and will provide a response by April 9.

For more information or to have the attachment emailed to you, contact: Stephanie Dernek 312-641-5151 or Kelsa Rieger at 847-476-7009