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Shovels & Wheelbarrows #2 COMPLETED
Today the progress meter reached $1000 which completes our goal! At last count, I also received $146 that did not register on the progress meter and have at least one more check on the way.

Since there are three teams involved in this, I have to coordinate with them on getting the money to them, but I expect to have it in their hands shortly. Then I'll be posting updates as soon as I have them. I likely won't travel to Ghana again until May or June so it'll be a while until we can have a first-hand account from me, but I'll post when I get updates from the teams.

Thanks to: Michael, Kevin, Reid, John, Pam, Niny, Tom, Anne, Nick, Jeff, Cynthia, Elsbeth, Tim, Lisa, Terry, Sean, Carla, Grace, Rose, Michael, Judy, Cuda, Sol, Sue, Steve, & Luke!

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