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My Ghana trip update
I didn't sleep at all on the Chicago to Amsterdam flight Thursday evening (very unusual for me), caught about 2 hours worth at AMS and then about that much again on the flight to Accra. As a result (I think), Friday night I slept straight through, which has never happened to me on my first night in Africa.

Yesterday I met with 5 of my team members and 2 people from their teams. I was missing 4 of my people (3 unexpectedly, 1 that I already knew was working during the day). We had a very nice meeting, focusing on the The Principle of Immediate Action: "If you pursue an end you enchain yourself. If everything you do is realised as though it were an end in itself, you liberate yourself."

We also made a schedule for the week. I'll be meeting wtih each of their teams, each of them individually, and my team as a whole twice more. Today I'm off to town (Accra) for a Ghana national coordinating body meeting where representatives from each of the Humanist Movement councils active in Ghana meet to coordinate common activities and calendars.